What are your fees?

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Initial Evaluation 90 minutes • $550
Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Session 90 minutes + 30 minutes recovery • $600
Transpersonal Psychotherapy 50 minutes • $250, some sliding scale options available
Psychedelic Integration/Consultation varied duration • $250-550/hour, dependent on area of expertise
Psychiatric Medication Management 30 minutes • $300
All new clients are required to complete an intake appointment prior to treatment. A deposit of $150 is required to hold your initial appointment time.

Do you accept insurance?

In order to provide the best possible care, we do not accept insurance at this time. If you determine your insurance carrier allows reimbursement, we will provide you with a superbill to submit for potential reimbursement for out-of-network services.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes, we are currently accepting new patients at our Los Angeles location! While we have a waiting list, we do our best to keep wait times short. 

Is this legal?

Yes! All services at our center are legal, safe, and confidential. Each service we provide is based on extensive peer-reviewed research and abides by all relevant regulations. 

We do not provide or endorse the use of illegal substances due to current drug policy and the ongoing negative impact on marginalized members of our community.

As with any rapidly growing industry, psychedelic medicine has a wide range of practitioners operating with a variety of licenses and methods. At our center, we prioritize ethical practices, operate from an evidence-based perspective, and work with experienced, educated psychiatric and mental health professionals.

Even if you’ve had a negative experience with psychedelics in another setting, we hope to provide a safe environment for you to find relief.

Do I have to commit to a series of sessions or can I just try it out?

During your initial appointment, your treatment team will develop a plan for you moving forward. We never require clients to pre-pay or commit to our recommendations — you can stop treatment anytime you wish.

For KAP sessions, It is necessary to have an intake appointment prior to beginning treatment.

How do I prepare for KAP sessions?

To prepare for Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, please:

1. Fast from food and liquids other than water for 6 hours before your appointment time

2. Arrange a ride or rideshare (e.g. Uber, Lyft) — driving is not allowed for the rest of the day/night after treatment

3. Inform your treatment team of any medications you are currently taking at least two days prior to beginning KAP treatment